REHAU Launches Responsive Website

On the job site, contractors often need an immediate reference to technical information or to quickly locate a product dealer close to the job. Likewise, a furniture manufacturer working with a client’s laminate choice may need to immediately find a color matched edgeband that’s available from stock.

REHAU’s newly updated website is designed with these types of users in mind, offering quicker access to multiple resources and automatic responsiveness to mobile devices.

“Our website update is in direct response to evolving trends in user behavior and the ever-increasing demand for instant access through the use of mobile devices,” said Jane Taylor, web editor for REHAU North America. “A good responsive design automatically recognizes a user’s device and delivers information in an optimized format that doesn’t require manual zooming.”

Scott Moore, vice president of digital strategy at the Toronto-based marketing automation agency motum b2b, said that REHAU’s new responsive web design is “very much ahead of the curve” for business-to-business companies. The updated site creates a stronger connection between REHAU and its customers by accommodating multiple types of mobile devices and providing intuitively organized reference information.

Part of the newly-responsive web design includes a resource center, blog and an edgeband color search, which is an application used to search through all current REHAU color matches by laminate brand.

Other responsive design changes include larger images and text and easy, one-touch connections to the popular social media networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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