Remote-Controlled Demolition Machines Include New Electrical System

The Brokk 280 demolition machine features increased power, includes the Brokk SmartPower electrical system, and has additional hardened parts for durability.

The Brokk 280 demolition machine features increased power, includes the Brokk SmartPower electrical system, and has additional hardened parts for durability.

Brokk, the manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, has introduced the Brokk 280. The machine features increased demolition power, includes the Brokk SmartPower electrical system, and incorporates additional hardened parts for durability in tough environments. The improvements increase the reliability and versatility for Brokk customers working on harsh jobsites in industries such as construction, metal processing, mining and nuclear. 
The Brokk 280 features a 20-foot (6.2-meter) reach and weighs 6,945 pounds (3,150 kilograms). By generating as much as 25 percent more breaking performance — a combination of impact power and blow frequency — over its predecessor, the Brokk 280 delivers more productivity. Beyond packing a harder punch and knocking out more breaker blows per minute, the Brokk 280 features improved maneuvering capabilities.
Brokk also introduces a new electrical system, Brokk SmartPower, on the Brokk 280 (also available on the Brokk 120 Diesel machine). The system includes hardened components and fewer moving parts. The system optimizes machine performance based on a number of factors, including power supply quality and ambient temperature. Brokk SmartPower senses when a power supply is poor or faulty, making it suitable for generators or unreliable power supplies. The electrical system can also be set to work on worn fuses.
The SmartPower intelligent motor control uses smart dynamic effect control to monitor temperatures of the electric and hydraulic systems. It also tracks the electrical motor’s power usage and adjusts the machine to use more power in cold environments and less power in hot environments. This eliminates the need for an automatic shutoff for overheating since the machine’s temperature is controlled. The Brokk 280 offers a 60 percent increase in cooling system capacity over the Brokk 260 it replaces.
In addition to improvements to its overall power and electrical systems, the Brokk 280 also features upgraded durability. The machine’s design adds hardened parts and details to almost the entire unit. This includes LED headlight protection, reinforced machine corners and a steel gray color coating in strategic areas to add resistance to dirt and scratches.
The Brokk 280 can be used with the same variety of attachments as the Brokk 260, including breakers, crushers, scabblers, buckets, grapples, drills, shotcrete nozzles, beam manipulators and rock splitters. This allows contractors to equip the machine’s three-part arm with any of Brokk’s line of tools.
The machine enters the upper mid-range of Brokk’s line of nine core demolition machines and joins a number of models introduced recently, including the Brokk 120 Diesel.
Visit the Brokk website for more information on the Brokk 280.

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