Retrofit a Roof with Daylighting

Kalwall offers the perfect solution for retrofitting an older roof. Whether your space could benefit from unit skylights or monumental daylighting with a skyroof, Kalwall’s translucent sandwich panels provide a wide range of benefits, including superior energy efficiency and cost savings.

More than 18,800 square feet of Kalwall skyroof cladding was used above Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport’s International Departure Lounge and check-in desks. The skyroof replaced 30-plus-year-old glass skylights. PHOTO: Alex Upton

The Terminal 4 retrofit at Heathrow Airport is a beautiful example of utilizing Kalwall to replace a failing roof system. More than 18,800 square feet of Kalwall skyroof cladding was used above the terminal’s International Departure Lounge and check-in desks to replace the 30-plus-year-old glass skylights. Kalwall 100 panels were specifically chosen to exceed energy-code requirements, thus future-proofing the project.

The whole retrofit was completed externally using a custom moving scaffold, meaning there was no disruption to the inside of the building. The lightweight translucent panels allowed for the existing substrate to be adapted and reused—a savings of nearly $9 million in project costs and more than a year off the build timeline.

Kalwall offered additional benefits over the previous glass skylights. Proper daylighting requires the right materials to truly improve occupant health and wellness. Kalwall’s translucent sandwich panels diffuse full-spectrum natural light deep into spaces. Unlike glass or polycarbonate materials, which may filter out broad spectrums of light, Kalwall mimics what you would experience outside while still filtering out harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Daylighting this way helps boost people’s mood and performance.

Materials that directly transmit light rather than fully diffusing it also create visual glare that leads to eye strain against monitors and other equipment. Translucent sandwich panels are engineered to balance light and minimize hotspots throughout your space.

Kalwall skylights and skyroofs also reduce overall maintenance costs for your building. The panels are self-cleaning, with normal rainfall being enough to remove sediment that has built up over time. If maintenance is required, the materials are man safe. While traditional roofing can sustain damage from water and wildlife over time, Kalwall translucent sandwich panels are termite and mildew resistant, allowing the structure to achieve a longer lifespan.

To learn more about the benefits of translucent sandwich panels and the effects they can have on your space, contact a Kalwall representative today.

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