RetroShield System

The RetroShield System from Fi-Foil Co. Inc. helps deter radiation from entering commercial buildings. The interior facing is available in several finishes, such as metallic film, white, black and other custom colors, which enhance the appearance of the building. RetroShield also enhances the interior environment by helping to deaden sound, and it can be cleaned for lasting appeal. The system increases the R-value of the building envelope for improved energy efficiency during winter months. For additional thermal performance, it can also be back-loaded with mass insulation and sealed to reduce air infiltration. It has been used with spray foam and fiberglass insulation for high thermal performance applications. The system is especially effective in conversions of industrial or commercial space from unconditioned to conditioned space. The RetroShield System can help buffer a building owner or tenant from higher electric bills especially when owners are charged peak rates or have “time-of-day” billing, which charges more for power during peak demand times of the day. // (800) 448-3401

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