Revenue-grade Submetering Solutions Are Expanded

Leviton’s VerifyEye Series 8000 Multi-Point MetersLeviton’s VerifyEye Series 8000 Multi-Point Meters

Leviton’s VerifyEye Series 8000 Multi-Point Meters

Leviton’s VerifyEye Series 8000 Multi-Point Meters

Leviton has expanded its revenue-grade line of VerifEye submetering solutions with the launch of its line of Series 8000 Multi-Point Meters. Featuring universal voltage capabilities, the compactly engineered system includes a built-in advanced communication module for simplified integration with building automation systems. The new line of multi-point meters affords a robust, turnkey solution for measuring and verifying electrical usage in new and existing multi-tenant residential, commercial, retail and institutional applications.

Leviton’s VerifyEye Series 8000 Multi-Point Meters provide 24 metering elements that can be configured as any combination of one-, two- or three-phase loads, providing the flexibility to meet a variety of electrical configurations. The compact footprint of the Series 8000 meters easily accommodates tight spaces with small clearances, and the contractor-friendly design offers significant labor and cost savings, cutting the installation time for multi-circuit systems in half.

VerifEye Series 8000 meters communicate over industry standard BACnet/IP, ModBus TCP/IP, and ModBus RTU open protocols for easy integration into BMS system architectures. The system complies with all regulatory electric safety requirements and conforms with stringent ANSI 0.5 Accuracy Class standards.

The Series 8000 can be used as part of a submetering solution to benchmark usage, allocate costs, efficiently bill tenants and cost effectively comply with green building programs and government mandates. Seamless integration with Leviton’s BillSuite software using the Leviton Energy Management Hub (EMH) provides individual tenant billing capabilities to ensure accurate and complete recovery of tenant energy costs. The software allows facility managers to allocate energy costs to specific tenants and easily generate bills. Graphs for interval data as well as daily, weekly and monthly reports are also provided. For an in-depth energy monitoring application, Leviton’s web-based Energy Manager software provides measurement and verification analysis.

Backed by Leviton’s limited five-year warranty, VerifEye Series 8000 meters are UL Listed, cULus and ANSI C12.1 certified.

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