Rigid Global Buildings Achieves IAS Accreditation

Houston-based Rigid Global Buildings, a manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings, has achieved International Accreditation Services (IAS) AC472 accreditation for metal buildings.

The IAS accreditation program is based on the requirements of Chapter 17 of the International Building Code for the inspection of the metal building fabrication process covering manufacturing and the quality-management system, including personnel, product traceability, process control, and administrative and technical procedures.

The AC472 certification process has three parts: A, B and C. Part A focuses on fabrication of structural weldments and cold-formed products requiring welding; B covers the fabrication of cold-formed products not requiring welding; and C focuses on the design of metal buildings. Throughout these three parts, Rigid Global Buildings met and exceeded the necessary requirements.

Rigid’s Chairman of the Board Alex Ghodsi says, “I was so proud of the Rigid team for not only their continued support and superior workmanship, but also for their dedication to the accreditation process.”

To learn more about Rigid’s certifications, visit the Certifications page on the company’s website or call (888) GO-RIGID (467-4443).

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