RIMA-I Introduces 2020 Board of Directors

At the Fall 2019 Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) meeting in Houston, elections were held for new board members. Executive officers and other board members’ terms expired at the end of 2019.  RIMA-I is pleased to announce its 2020 Board of Directors.  

President: Sergio Luconi, Prodex, Costa Rica

Vice President: Bill Lippy, If-Foil Co., Florida

Secretary/Treasurer: Ralph Dale, Dunmore Corp., Indiana


Dan Russell, Innovative Insulation, Texas 

Monty Millspaugh, Reflectix Inc., Indiana 

Bobby Byrd, RoyOMartin, Louisiana

Existing board members that will remain on the board for another year include:


Veronica Ataya, Celplast Metallized Products, Toronto, Canada

Peter Highfill, LL Flex, South Carolina

Past President: Doug Kinninger, Fi-Foil Co., Florida 

For more information about RIMA International, our research and educational data, our programs and services, information on our membership and more, visit our website. For more information and photos of our Board, visit here.

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