RIMA-I Strives to Make Reflective Products Information Available to All

The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) strives to make access to research and information on the reflective products industry available to everyone. RIMA-I continually adds new ways to share information as well as respond to inquiries covering everything from individual consumer installs to technical information for architects, engineers, contractors, building code officials and others in the construction industry.  If you have a question on reflective insulation, radiant barriers, interior radiation control coatings (IRCC or low-emittance coatings), RIMA International can help.

You can find information on rimainternational.org, and you can send your specific questions directly using the Ask the Expert link right on the home page.  It’s a way to bring the world’s experts on reflective technology directly to you.

You can also access the expert through the Facebook page and LinkedIn group. (You can find links to both of these in the upper right-hand side of the homepage.)  RIMA-I can be contacted directly at (800) 279-4123 (in North America) or (785) 424-7115 or via e-mail at [email protected].  Let RIMA-I help you better understand reflectives and how they can be used in your application.

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