Roadway LED Rivals High Pressure Sodium Fixtures

Larson Electronics' RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street LightLarson Electronics' RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street Light

Larson Electronics' RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street Light

Larson Electronics’ RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street Light

Supplier of industrial grade lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful new LED roadway light designed to provide performance and efficiency rivaling that of standard 400 watt high pressure sodium fixtures. The RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street Light is designed as a direct replacement for cobra head HPS streetlights that offers improved light quality combined with greater efficiency and reliability.

Featuring solid state LED technology and an advanced housing design, this LED street light provides a highly effective answer to standard high pressure sodium street lights that can produce returns in cost reductions and improved performance in a short period of time. Unlike HPS lamps which produce the familiar reddish orange colored light output associated with typical parking lot and roadway lighting, this LED street light produces light that is clean and bright white in appearance. This improved light quality means better contrasting and detail rendering as well as more accurate reproduction of colors, giving this unit a distinct performance edge over HPS units.

As well as improved light quality, this LED street light offers additional benefits in the form of 13,000 lumen light output and extremely long lamp life. Due to the advanced LED design and high output of this lamps LED assembly, this LED light can effectively illuminate an area comparable in size to that of HPS units while using far less energy. Additionally, unlike HPS lamps which have an average operating life of 25,000 hours, this LED street light carries an operational life rating of 100,000 hours, meaning far fewer lamp replacements, less maintenance, and much greater reliability.

This fixture is designed to replace cobra head roadway light fixtures and is constructed of die cast aluminum with a heavy duty polyester powder coat finish for resistance to corrosion and a pleasing appearance. The housing is specially constructed with built in heat dissipating fins for added performance and a built in wildlife shield for greater protection. A die cast trigger latch provides easy entry to the internals, and an integral bubble level makes installation faster and easier for linemen. This LED street light represents the next stage in roadway lighting technology and offers improved performance and efficiency that can provide improved cost effectiveness and positive returns on initial investment in a short period of time. The RWL-LED-40 150 is ideal for illuminating parking lots, industrial and military installations, college and high school campuses, and just about anywhere operators are looking to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of their exterior illumination systems.

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