Roof Underlayment Is Slip-resistant

Ox Engineered Products, manufacturer of structural sheathing and thermal insulation products, is changing the conversation about roofing performance and installation with the introduction of its self-adhered, slip-resistant roof underlayment: ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard.

Ox Engineered Products has introduced its self-adhered, slip-resistant roof underlayment: ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard.

Suitable for tile and metal roofs that can last up to 75 years, ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard includes four key components:

  • A rubberized asphalt adhesive base layer that provides for adhesion even in high-temperature climates.
  • Woven and non-woven reinforcement layers (laminated together).
  • A UV-shielded waterproof layer for protection from rain, snow and ice.
  • A top layer that includes a SlipSafe Technology walking surface to reduce the chance of slips or falls during installation, ensuring a safer working environment for roofers.

The product also features overlapping adhesive sealing strips at the seams for enhanced water resistance. Due to the thickness of ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard’s self-sealing adhesive base layer, the membrane seals around fasteners. This keeps moisture and water from penetrating the underlayment system and damaging the substrate below.

ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard features a lightweight split release liner made from siliconized film for easier installation, which is especially important for smaller or tight working areas of the roof.

The standard roll size for ToughSkin HT Ice & Water Guard is 36-inches wide by 67-feet long (or 200 square feet). The product may be used as an underlayment on all sloped roof coverings including under slate, tile, cedar shakes, metal and traditional asphalt shingles.

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