Sage Vertical Gardens Announces Name Change, Redesigned Website

Sage Vertical Gardens, a provider of adaptable garden walls and green design retail products, is kicking off the start of 2017 with a renewed outlook. The company is introducing several initiatives this year, punctuated by a brand name consolidation geared to express the company’s mission of offering living designs for any environment. A redesigned website is also in the works.

Sage Vertical Gardens is now named sagegreenlife and is the umbrella brand for both the company’s SageWall living green walls and its designer products, the Ambienta and the Edelwhite. In addition to better communicating the company’s capabilities, the move to consolidate the company’s offerings under one brand is also geared to elevate its reach in the architecture and design industry and is highlighted by its design solutions that fit many projects or installation needs.

The entire range of sagegreenlife products provide improved air quality and enriched health and wellness properties via inherent plant properties. Its modular technology makes it a versatile design solution with visual impact.

“We are proud and excited to announce the new sagegreenlife and introduce our patented products to a larger audience in the architecture and design community,” says sagegreenlife founder Richard Kincaid. “We feel the time is right to share our passion and expertise in vertical garden solutions and green products to industry professionals who are seeking to incorporate living design and sustainability into their projects, large or small.” 

Technologically Advanced

Sagegreenlife’s SageWalls tout a proven design that sets it apart from competitors in the vertical garden market. Utilizing a patented hydroponic system called the Biotile, SageWalls feature a layered basalt rock fiber that continuously distributes water, oxygen and nutrients, resulting in healthy plants that can be grown indoors and outdoors and in extreme climates while using 75 percent less water than other living wall products available today.

Room to Grow

The Biotile system is used in both sagegreenlife’s free-standing SageWalls, available in an array of sizes, or in completely customizable designs integrated into a building’s interior or exterior wall for a variety of applications, including residential, contract, hospitality and retail. This range of options provides architects and designers with flexible possibilities for any environment. These products offer buildings LEED credits, allowing for tax breaks and increased property values.

Sagegreenlife also features décor products, including the Ambienta, a multi-function lamp with six plants and LED growth lighting, and the Edelwhite, a living frame with six plant reservoirs. These items bring greenery into every environment, even when space is minimal.

The sagegreenlife team offers a complete turnkey customer experience, from helping design the plant matrix and assembling and installing the walls to ongoing plant maintenance. 

“Sagegreenlife is committed to building a better quality of life through living design,” says sagegreenlife Senior Horticulturist Chad Osborne. “With our range of products, we can create healthy environments, indoors and out.”

A Budding Presence in Green Design

The announcement of sagegreenlife’s rebranding begins an exciting year for the company. The new website,, is home to the company’s entire product range, as well as a resource to explore green design ideas, health and wellness tips and lifestyle topics.

Additional initiatives, campaigns and partnerships will be announced throughout the year.  

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