Schneider Electric Closes Minority Investment in KGS Buildings to Expand Building Analytics

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, has closed a minority investment in KGS Buildings LLC, a cloud-based building performance analytics company and Schneider Electric partner. This investment illustrates Schneider Electric’s confidence in its strategic partnership with KGS, its technology and its ability to deliver value to customers.

“KGS’ Building Analytics platform, which is a key component of our connected services portfolio, will help us transform our service business over the next few years from traditional maintenance and break/fix to a proactive and predictive maintenance services organization using automated fault detection and diagnostics to bring additional benefits to Schneider Electric end-user customers,” says Jay Nardone, EcoBuildings Global, Field Services vice president, Schneider Electric. “Over the past few years we have been fortunate to have a great relationship with the KGS founders, and this minority investment allows us to strengthen that relationship and build a stronger future together.”

In times of tighter budgets, aging infrastructures and higher energy costs, organizations are looking to move beyond reactive maintenance strategies that are based upon repairing equipment only when it fails, to taking a more proactive and informed approach to building management to improve operational performance and bottom line results. KGS’ Building Analytics is a system agnostic, cloud-based service platform that allows organizations to improve the efficiency, occupant comfort and financial well-being of their buildings. It converts the abundance of data collected by building management systems (BMS) into actionable intelligence to improve facility performance. The platform also prioritizes system and equipment irregularities based on the severity of impact on cost, comfort, energy and maintenance. Building Analytics can reduce the cost of facility operations to improve maintenance and efficiency, saving customers between 15 to 30 percent on major equipment and energy spend.

“Our tremendous relationship with Schneider Electric has expanded our global reach and connected us with diverse and extraordinarily capable teams to deliver information-based, outcome-focused facility services,” says Nicholas Gayeski, PhD, partner and co-founder, KGS Buildings LLC. “This strategic investment positions our organizations for long term collaboration and leadership in an analytics-driven facility services industry, while maintaining the independence that has enabled us to be nimble and adaptive while analytics technologies continue to grow and evolve.”

KGS is a member of the EcoXpertprogram, which is designed to bring Schneider Electric partners together to develop solutions designed to meet energy efficiency and sustainability goals for customers across a broad spectrum of industries. KGS’ Building Analytics solution has been deployed to more than 500 sites comprised of several million connected points through the partner program.

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