Schneider Electric Introduces Service to Support Building System Challenges

Schneider Electric has announced the Connected Services offer which provides building owners and operators with a range of tools for resolution, response and support for building system challenges. The Connected Services combine Schneider Electric’s knowledge in building systems with industry data collection and analytic capabilities – collecting data every five minutes and providing automated analytics daily.
The Connected Services offer includes capabilities which create a network between facility teams and Schneider Electric’s service technicians to deliver a range of maintenance support for facilities. Benefits include digital connectivity that ensures facilities are always monitored, better access to information, advice/recommendations, increased system uptime due to fast resolution when possible and technicians that are equipped to focus on areas of impact in order to extend equipment life through consistent service and maintenance.
“Today’s facility professionals face a number of challenges that make it difficult to manage their footprint efficiently and maximize the lifespan of their building system, including the need for continuous monitoring, energy and cost reduction targets as well as thinly stretched personnel,” said Brett Wheless, director of field services, Schneider Electric. “We have taken a condition-based maintenance approach that combines information, advice and technology to keep building systems operating. Schneider Electric is dedicated to helping building owners and operators improve energy and operational efficiencies while maintaining occupant comfort and controlling building lifecycle costs.”
Key components of the Connected Services offer:

  • Remote Support – Remote response capabilities provide on-demand building management system (BMS) triage, repair and issue resolution with cloud backup and storage. Dedicated Schneider Electric service teams can securely monitor and assess cloud-based data and diagnose issues remotely.
  • Event Management – New capabilities include customized alarm-driven response to address comfort, energy or BMS reliability issues as well as notification and escalation of remote and on-site tech dispatch for event security or critical events.
  • Analytic Services – Intelligent preventative maintenance combines diagnostic software, technical knowledge and on-site labor to identify opportunities for energy savings and provide improved outcomes for the life of the facility. Building Analytics provide automated fault detection and diagnostics to prioritize efficiency and cost saving opportunities.

Schneider Electric’s Connected Services offer is available in the United States. For more information, please visit the website or contact your local Schneider Electric representative.

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