Schönox and Herregan Distributors Partner to Offer Full Line of Subfloor Products

Herregan Distributors Inc. and Schönox announced a strategic partnership to roll out the full line of Schönox subfloor products. Herregan serves 12 midwestern states supporting more than 3,500 dealers throughout the region. “The agreement with Schönox in this our 50th year of operation is a clear example of Herregan’s continuing commitment to product innovation and customer support,” remarks Craig Folven, vice president of Sales and Marketing, Herregan Distributors – Paramount Division. “Schönox has never stopped improving its subfloor products through impressive research and development efforts and similarly, Herregan is consistently making moves to further support our customers; the partnership makes sense on all levels.”

Comprehensive plans have been put in motion to ramp up the availability of Schönox products in all of Herregan’s warehouse locations and to provide extensive training and support to the company’s sales and technical teams. The product rollout will include primers and moisture mitigation systems, subfloor repair products, floor leveling compounds, and adhesives. “Herregan is such a strong strategic partner that will further our critical objective of providing availability to those seeking Schönox products, while elevating the quality of each flooring project that Herregan’s end customers complete using Schönox,” explains Doug Young, executive vice president, HPS Schönox. “Project owners and flooring installers are rapidly adopting Schönox as their first choice in subfloor products; a trusted resource like Herregan is so important.”

“The dual commitment by Schönox to strategically build their brand awareness and to steadfastly support it with outstanding training and technical support made a strong connection with us at Herregan,” comments Folven. “Our companies have philosophies that are very much in line with one another.”

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