Schönox Subfloor Materials Available at Walcro

With 18 locations across six midwestern states, distributor Walcro has partnered with Schönox to expand its offering of installation supply options for its customer base. The partnership provides Walcro with subfloor materials, supporting growth into new sectors with a range of contractors and installers. Schönox gains greater distribution throughout a key region of the country, working alongside Walcro, servicing customers with subfloor solutions.

“Walcro makes it clear that a fundamental part of its mission is to make every installer’s job easier,” explains Mike Penney, senior vice president of sales, Schönox HPS North America Inc. “Schönox excels in that important area, helping projects move more quickly, with stronger results, while providing air quality and safety benefits for flooring professionals.”

Walcro will stock the full Schönox line, but some products have gained early attention based on Walcro’s focus on installer success. Among those is Schönox SL, smoothing and finishing compound, a best-in-class performer with installer-friendly characteristics including its ability to be remixed up to three times without loss of its texture. “Walcro customers will see improvements in all subfloor tasks using Schönox products,” comments Penney. “We are excited to see Schönox products and services aligning closely with Walcro’s focus on strong answers and production methods for customers.”

With nearly 50 years in the floor covering supplies and accessories business, Walcro has distribution facilities, pickup locations, and a truck fleet for deliveries. “Walcro provides everything needed to make floor covering easier, faster, and more profitable,” explains Brandon Hagen, regional vice president, Schönox HPS North America Inc. “We are really impressed with Walcro’s logistics savvy and commitment to knowledgeable customer service.” Plans are underway, enhancing the region’s access to Schönox and Walcro’s customer base expansion.

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