Scissor Shear Cuts Through Pliable Materials

P-2080 Scissor Shear requires a 90 PSI air source.

P-2080 Scissor Shear requires a 90 PSI air source.

Kett Tool Company has introduced the P-2080 Scissor Shear, a lightweight shear featuring a straight-handled body design for maneuverability when making cuts in thick, soft materials. Professionals working in the construction, hardware and industrial machinery industries will appreciate the power and convenience of the P-2080 to get projects completed efficiently thanks to the variable speed motor that allows you to control speeds from 0 to 2500 RPMs.
Requiring a 90 PSI air source, Kett’s Scissor Shears offer a combination of cutting performance and lightweight design. At 12.25 inches long and weighing four pounds, the P-2080 is compact and portable. The design provides the versatility to work in close quarters while maintaining comfort and control, while the high speed means fast cutting to get jobs done. 

The stationary bottom blade and large “rabbit ear” blades of the P-2080 cut through pliable materials such as vinyl, woven woods, chipboard, carpet, carpet underlayment, foam rubber, linoleum, heavy foil, hardware cloth and light mesh screening. All shear heads are made in the U.S. featuring A-2 tool steel blades for durability. 
The P-2080 Scissor Shears are available through authorized dealers. For more information or to locate a dealer, visit here or call 513-271-0333.

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