Screen Tenants with an App

National Tenant Network is pleased to announce the release of NTN SecureMobile, the first fully functional tenant screening app developed for the Apple iPad. Leasing agents and property managers routinely conduct business onsite at rental properties, but have been unable to properly screen prospective tenants. NTN’s exceptional ability to respond to current industry trends resulted in the development of NTN SecureMobile.

NTN SecureMobile is provided free of charge to National Tenant Network subscribers, and is easily downloaded from the Apple App store to an iPad. NTN subscribers now have the ability to access all NTN reports while out of the office, using NTN SecureMobile, enabling rigorous applicant screening from the field. This innovation in applicant screening increases leasing efficiency and provides the property owner with the information necessary to mitigate risk and increase investment profitability.

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