SEP Partnership To Promote and Deliver IBTaaS Platform Solutions

Social Energy Partners (SEP) have announced the launch of a formal partnership with Zoetic Energy to promote and deliver its Intelligent Building Technology as-a-Service (IBTaaS) platform solutions to Zoetic’s target markets. Simultaneously, Founder and Chairman of Zoetic, Jerome Ringo, has joined the SEP Global Sustainability Advisory Board to assist SEP in expanding its global outreach.

According to the “2016 Global Status Report” by Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC), the global building sector is responsible for over 30 percent of total energy consumption in 2014. Due to the confluence of software, electronics, connectivity and cloud technologies that follow growth curves, there are now a growing list of intelligent building technologies (IBTs) that are able to deliver impactful efficiency gains to buildings. The SEP IBTaaS, by integrating proven IBTs, local installation and maintenance services and green project funding, offers government, business and nonprofit organizations a turnkey solution package to deliver building performance improvement from the perspectives of people, planet and profit, all without capital investments from the end users. The partnership aims to leverage the SEP IBTaaS platform to modernize and transform building energy as well as operating performances for Zoetic’s clients and contacts throughout the Americas and Africa.

“We are excited and honored to partner with Zoetic and to have Jerome join SEP as our inaugural global sustainability advisor to advance our market development in the Americas and across Africa,” says James Tu, founder & CEO of Social Energy Partners LLC. “Zoetic and its partners have developed solutions in hydrokinetics and rural electrification, with a focus on delivering immediate impacts, particularly in the developing countries. And Jerome has been a respected global leader in environmental sustainability for over 25 years. We look forward to working with Zoetic and Jerome to elevate the awareness of building energy efficiency and expedite the adoption of IBTs worldwide.”

“We see synergy between Zoetic and SEP in helping our clients realize economic and environmental benefits from both renewable energy generation as well as energy efficiency technologies,” says Avery Hong, CEO of Zoetic. “Social Energy Partners has created a platform that synthesizes cleantech and fintech innovations to enable governments and organizations to adopt building intelligence and energy technologies without upfront capital needs. We plan to market SEP’s IBTaaS platform solutions through our political and business networks.”

“In the backdrop of a looming humanitarian challenge today and in the years and decades to come as climate change continues to accelerate, energy efficiency has been an underappreciated and underinvested cause that requires an immediate global push to unlock its potential,” says Jerome Ringo, founder & chairman of Zoetic. “I am impressed with the SEP IBTaaS platform that addresses such need. I look forward to working with the SEP team to leverage the resources and expertise from Zoetic and myself to generate contribution to the world’s fight for sustainability.”

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