Sherwin-Williams Initiative Aims to Ease the Shortage of Professional Painters

Seeking to be part of the solution to a growing painting industry challenge, Sherwin-Williams has launched a multitiered initiative aimed at easing the shortage of qualified professional painters. The long-term effort is designed to make it easier to find qualified painters and to increase the number of people who enter the painting profession.

“The concern we’ve been hearing from many of our partners is real,” says Jeff Winter, vice president of marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “The data shows that fewer people are choosing to become professional painters, and the problem is likely to get worse unless we act now. This is just one way we will continue to work with our professional painting partners to ensure they can grow their businesses profitably.”

The initiative will focus on three areas; career advocacy, education for new painters, and recruitment resources.

Career Advocacy

Greater demand for professional painters coupled with an aging labor force has created a need for new painters. The Sherwin-Williams Paint Your Path program will educate job-seekers on the painting industry and highlight the benefits of a painting career, including the ability to create a desired lifestyle, pride in craftsmanship and opportunities for wage growth.

“Fewer people are aware of the many benefits of choosing painting as a career,” Winter says. “Specifically, many young people don’t realize the flexibility, earning power and sense of accomplishment that comes with a painting job well done. Our mission is to be better advocates for this important trade.”

More information is available here.

Painter Training

As part of Paint Your Path, Sherwin-Williams is developing an array of online courses to help painters strengthen their professional painting skills. The online learning portal keeps track of completed courses and provides resources to reinforce the skills learned.

“We envision these courses as helping to build a strong foundation so that painters are ready for their first job,” Winter says.

More information, in English and Spanish, is available online.


Sherwin-Williams will also be providing employers with materials and instruction along with a human resources toolkit to help make recruiting efforts more successful.

“By attacking the problem on these three fronts, Sherwin-Williams hopes to be a part of the solution and help our partners continue providing excellent painting services to customers while strengthening their businesses,” says Winter.

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