Simpson Strong-Tie Acquires BIM Technology Company

Simpson Strong-Tie has acquired CG Visions Inc. , a U.S. company providing BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, services and consultation to the residential building industry. The strategic acquisition is expected to help Simpson Strong-Tie deepen its partnerships with builders throughout the country by offering scalable and flexible BIM software solutions to help builders control costs and increase efficiency throughout every stage of the home building process.

CG Visions was started in 2000 by David Bozell, a professor in the Department of Computer Graphics at Purdue University. From 2000-2002, David brought in three other partners, Cory Shively, Scott Schultz and Tim Beckman, to bring new ideas and experience in the digital media and construction fields. The team developed its own BIM and estimation tools and is a company serving national mid-sized to large production builders in the Top 100.

“We are excited about this partnership with CG Visions. We’re able to provide builders with choices in BIM and estimation solutions to help them increase efficiency at all stages of the development and building process, while strengthening our value proposition,” says Simpson Strong-Tie President of North American Sales Roger Dankel.

CG Visions President David Bozell adds, “The team at CG Visions is thrilled that a partnership with Simpson Strong-Tie will bring innovative BIM solutions to an already trusted builder partner network, and we plan to strengthen the products and services already in place while exploring ideas from our current and future customers. The emphasis both companies place on customer service will result in an unparalleled offering to the builder market.”

The company’s 75 employees will remain at CG Visions’ headquarters in Indiana at the closing of the acquisition. Builders interested in working with CG Visions should contact the sales team in Lafayette at (888)988-4BIM.

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