Simpson Strong-Tie Receives Innovation Award for Screw Plug Solution

Simpson Strong-Tie has received a Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA) in the Specialty Drill Bits category for the Simpson Strong-Tie Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution. The company was also recognized as a finalist in the Drill/Driver Attachments category for its Quik Drive PRODW drywall system, an auto-feed screw driving system designed to help complete drywall installations.

Launched by Simpson Strong-Tie in April 2018, the DCU screw plug solution is a hidden deck-fastening system and was selected as a PTIA category winner based on its innovation. Comprising the Simpson Strong-Tie DCU Composite screw, the DCU screw plug and an Auto-Set Driver bit, the Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution provides a solution to the problem of exposed fasteners and enables builders to achieve a strong connection with a professional look.

“Simpson Strong-Tie is pleased to receive recognition from the Pro Tool Innovation Awards judges for both the Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution and the Quik Drive PRODW drywall system,” says Simpson Strong-Tie product manager Scott Park. “Technology has enabled a faster pace of construction tool innovation that still requires significant research and development and testing to ensure the highest levels of quality and value, and Simpson Strong-Tie is proud to be recognized among the extremely tough competitors included in this year’s awards.”

According to the organizers, the Pro Tool Innovation Awards recognize best-in-class products determined by a panel of judges to be ahead of their time. This year, nearly 300 tool entries from more than 60 manufacturers competed across several categories to be recognized as a finalist based on a combination of innovative features, advanced power delivery, ergonomics, technological advancements and value.

“Manufacturers are consistently improving their tools. Each year, however, some exceed the norms and develop products which truly deserve recognition,” says Clint DeBoer, executive director of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. “Business owners, builders, contractors and tradespeople really need to understand which products can help them work smarter and more efficiently. Often, they can also save a lot of money in either material costs or time savings, and that innovation goes straight into their pocketbook.”

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