Single-diode Spotlight Eliminates Shadows

Feelux Lighting's Diva 2 SpotFeelux Lighting's Diva 2 Spot

Feelux Lighting's Diva 2 Spot

Feelux Lighting’s Diva 2 Spot

Feelux Lighting has introduced the Diva 2 Spot, an energy-efficient, recessed spotlight ideal for under cabinets, retail displays and furniture installations. Delivering 80 lumens per watt, the LED spotlight features a single 4W diode that casts a single beam of light eliminating multiple shadows as seen with fixtures that are constructed with more than one diode.

The Diva 2 Spot was designed to coordinate and link with the Diva 2 linear LED Series providing a cohesive lighting solution of linear LEDs and spotlighting for retail, residential and commercial spaces. The dimensions of the spotlight measure only 16.1-millimeters high with a diameter of 76.2 millimeters. It is powered with a constant voltage DC 24V driver, emits virtually no heat and no UV radiation, and is available in three Kelvin temperatures: 3000K, 4000K and 6000K. The visible light source delivers soft even illumination effects with an estimated life of 40,000 hours.

The super slim luminaire easily mounts recessed into cabinets, furniture and more with a friction fit slim pocket that is available with a mounting spring option. The Diva 2™Spot comes with a variety of accessories, such as connecting cables, dimming accessories and a choice of finish colors in silver, gold, white or black.

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