Site/Area Luminaire Puts Light Exactly Where It Is Needed

Kim Lighting has launched its ArcheType X Site/Area luminaire.

Kim Lighting has launched its ArcheType X Site/Area luminaire.

Hubbell Lighting announced that Kim Lighting has launched its ArcheType X Site/Area luminaire. The Site/Area luminaire will join the Flood and Wall to complete a full suite of products that provide lighting designers with user-defined light distributions.

The ArcheType X Site/Area luminaires have independently adjustable LED modules with 355-degree rotation and 70 degrees of tilt independent of the luminaire, allowing the fixture to be configured to any standard or custom distribution, either at the factory or in the field. The luminaires are available in packages from 5,140 to 39,200-plus lumens.

AGi32’s Design Isolines feature allows for virtual aiming of the luminaires according to the needs of the project, concentrating light to highlight traffic lanes, pathways or walls, while minimizing boundary lighting trespass and obtrusive glare, all without the need for external louvers, shields, additional poles and luminaires. Once the virtual layout is created, the aiming information is sent to Kim Lighting vie IES file format and the luminaire is configured to meet the project’s unique lighting requirements.

The Features and Benefits of the new ArcheType X Site/Area include:

  • Three sizes: ARX09, ARX16 and ARX25.
  • Lensed or non-lensed options in packages from 5,140 to 39,200+ lumens.
  • Standard IES Type 1-5, L, R or user-defined Type X Distributions.
  • 0- to 70-degree tilt and 355 degrees of independent module rotation independent of the luminaire.
  • IP66 rated LEAR modules contain six LEDs.
  • Design ease with AGi32 software.
  • Type X Distributions quickly and easily translated to Kim Lighting via traditional IES file format.
  • Customer defined Type X Distributions configured and verified at the factory.
  • Unique luminaire catalog number and package labeling for exact field identification.
  • NEW Titanium color finish and standard Light Gray, Black, Dark Bronze, Platinum Silver, White and Custom finishes.

The ArcheType X’s LEAR technology has already received industry recognition, having won a PIA from Architectural Products Magazine and IES Progress Report in 2015.

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