Sloan Releases a Brochure Featuring Flushometers Collection

Sloan has developed a brochure, highlighting its Full Line Flushometer Collection. With Sloan’s line of products including sensor, manual, specialty and retrofit flushometers, the sixteen-page brochure gives architects, engineers and building owners a consolidated outlet to browse through Sloan’s complete product line.

“William Elvis Sloan changed the commercial plumbing industry when he invented the first flushometer in 1906,” says Sloan Product Manager, Mike Gipson. “More than 110 years later, we are proud to feature solutions for any application.”

Sloan’s solar-powered and battery-powered options include top mount, side mount and concealed flushometers such as the SOLIS, G2, ECOS, DSFM (Dual Flush Side Mount) and TruFlush. They provide hands-free operation engineered for durability, and feature a sleek appearance.

The brochure highlights Sloan’s hardwired electronic solenoid sensor (ESS) products with exposed and concealed options that feature an adaptable infrared sensor.

Manual diaphragm flushometer options include the Royal and Regal brands while piston options include Crown and GEM-2. Sloan’s UPPERCUT dual-flush flushometer in the diaphragm product line provides a reduced flush option that reduces water usage by 30 percent.

Other products in the brochure include retrofit and specialty options including prison flushometers, programmed water technology (PWT) flushometers, hydraulic flushometers and bedpan washers.

The brochure also outlines Sloan’s line of finishes. In addition to its polished chrome finish, many Sloan flushometers are now available to be ordered in polished brass, brushed nickel and brushed stainless finishes.

For more information on Sloan’s Full Line Flushometer Collection, download the brochure here. Sloan also released its Full Line Fixture and Sink Collection brochures earlier this year.

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