Sloan Training Center Provides Online Content 24/7

Sloan, a manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has launched the Sloan Training Center, an online platform providing educational and professional training courses through an automated learning process.

Sloan’s Training Center now makes training content available 24/7 for architects, designers, plumbers, facility managers, contractors, and others globally.

“As today’s workforce is increasingly composed of a younger generation, it’s important to shift training opportunities toward platforms that resonate best with them and provide alternatives to the in-person training sessions of past generations,” says Graham Allen, Sloan co-president and CEO. “The Sloan Training Center is a new and efficient resource for individuals across the world to access training at a time that’s most convenient for them and through a platform with which they’re comfortable.”

The Sloan Training Center comes at a time when there are more product options than ever before that are becoming increasingly complex due to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), software, and user interfaces. Training materials include sessions with a wide range of topics, including product maintenance courses, information on touch-free technology innovation, sustainability and WELL Building Standard upgrades, restroom design trends, and more.

In addition to training sessions, Sloan’s online training system provides instant metrics and analysis based on course material and profession type, and individuals can select learning tracks based on their area of expertise. All training courses are recorded from the new Sloan Studios at its Franklin Park, Ill., corporate headquarters.

Individuals who complete training will also earn “Chuck’s Bucks” to spend on merchandise and memorabilia in Sloan’s online store. Named in honor of Sloan Senior Executive Chairman Charles Allen, “Chuck’s Bucks” can be earned upon passing courses of all types.

To learn more about the Sloan Training Center, please visit Sloan’s website or follow Sloan on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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