Smart Lighting Is Designed to Be Intuitive

Smartlabs has launched Nokia Smart Lighting, a suite of IoT-powered lighting and electrical control products. Built for everyone to enjoy, the first-ever Nokia Smart Lighting products are designed to make smart lighting straightforward-to-buy, easy-to-install and intuitive-to-use. Incredibly versatile and featuring universal compatibility, Nokia Smart Lighting brings consumers and the trade a solution with high-end style, precision engineering and wide-ranging capabilities at an affordable price point.

Smartlabs has announced the launch of Nokia Smart Lighting, a suite of IoT-powered lighting and electrical control products.

Nokia Smart Lighting products have a clean, modern aesthetic found in high-end custom solutions, yet resemble familiar wall switch and dial designs that won’t require family or guests to learn how to use them. Precision engineering delivers a high-quality product with soft-touch haptics for an elegant feel and quiet operation. Designer touches such as screwless wall plates and matte finishes elevate any room, home or building’s aesthetic.

Smartlabs’ universal technology offers consumers the ultimate in versatility and customization for virtually any home. Nokia Smart Lighting switches and outlets work with (and from):

·        Any lighting fixture – dimmable or on/off, adjusting each for perfect brightness.

·        Any type of bulb – LED, incandescent, halogen or fluorescent.

·        Any wiring configuration – one switch or grouped switches.

·        Any location – at home, in the car or on vacation with Android and iOS apps, using voice assistants, or with a touch of a button or turn of a dial.

·        Any preference – use as a standard switch or go smart with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The product line – including Paddle and Dial switches, a four-button, multi-function Keypad, Outlet and Bridge – provides for maximum flexibility to enable a smart way to upgrade any home, regardless of existing fixtures, wiring, bulb type or floorplan. 

Combining maximum convenience with advanced technology, the Nokia Smart Lighting products make it easy for everyone to enjoy reliable smart lighting in any residential or commercial building. And unlike smart bulbs, these smart devices work even if someone has turned off the switch – a common issue in smart homes today.

Unlike wireless-only systems, Nokia Smart Lighting devices stay connected by utilizing the power of a dual-mesh network. The products combine Radio Frequency (RF) and Powerline (existing wires in a home) for superior reliability and responsiveness.1 This dual-mesh network brings the performance of wired and the convenience of wireless to ensure your lights work, even if the home’s Wi-Fi is down. Benefits include:

·        Reliability: Your home is, wirelessly speaking, a battleground full of obstacles, and Nokia Smart Lighting products solve this problem by simultaneously using wireless radio frequency communications and your home’s existing electrical wiring to provide a level of reliability that no other wireless technology can match.

·        Range: With Smartlabs’ unique and patented dual-mesh technology, Nokia Smart Lighting signals travel further without interruption than other commonly used, wireless-only technologies.2 Using the dual-mesh approach, existing electrical wiring and wireless obstructions rarely impede signals, resulting in a substantial reliability advantage over single-band networks.

·        Scalability: Every Nokia Smart Lighting device can repeat messages across the network, eliminating latencies and the bottlenecks that can occur when a single device fails in a routed network. Each device stays in constant contact with every other device and can control (and be controlled) by the other devices – allowing users to add an almost infinite number of devices to customize their home without the limitations of other wireless-only systems.

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