Smart Shower Controls Provide Behind-The-Wall Installation

The GrohTherm SmartControl trim is powered behind the wall by the Rapido SmartBox.

The GrohTherm SmartControl trim is powered behind the wall by the Rapido SmartBox.

Immersing oneself in a different dimension of showering; this is what GROHE SmartControl is all about. The Push, Turn, Shower experience has become more multifaceted, thanks to new model and combination options being added to this line of smart shower controls.

The expanded range includes a concealed behind-the-wall model that offers a universal rough-in valve for installation. This concealed GrohTherm SmartControl trim features the same water temperature and flow rate control as the on-the-wall version, while offering the option of having up to three shower outlets running through a single wall plate.

Plus, the GrohTherm SmartControl trims are optionally available in white. As a result, the push-and-turn control system offers increased variety of design options.

Concealed Design

Customers and experts have been impressed with SmartControl ever since the launch of this shower system. This thermostatic trim features a low-profile, minimalist design while using the same self-explanatory push-and-turn buttons.

GROHE offers the behind-the-wall version in a variety of options that includes square and round designs, as well as chrome, brushed nickel, or white finishes. This shower control system provides a solution for any bathroom ambience and installation setting.

Innovative Configurations for Operation

Behind the wall powering the GrohTherm SmartControl trim is the Rapido SmartBox. This valve has features that make installation efficient. Water supply inlets are positioned at the bottom of the valve, eliminating the need for additional adaptors. This valve also adds no additional depth to the wall trim with its design, maximizing room in the shower for user comfort. The Rapido SmartBox is designed to work with all the GrohTherm SmartControl trims.

Smart and Intuitive

GROHE SmartControl gives users finger-tip control of the showerhead and hand shower spray patterns, while allowing control of the water flow rate by rotating the buttons. The operation is aided by user-friendly icons. When the water is turned off, the system automatically stores the selected flow rate for the next use.

The GROHE SmartControl shower system garnered a 2017 GREEN GOOD DESIGN Award for its combination of design and flow rate control. Entries to this award, organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in conjunction with the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, are rated not only on their design, but also on such aspects as energy consumption, environmental friendliness and resource conservation.

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