Smith & Fong Co. Architectural Panels Achieve Class A Fire Rating

Smith & Fong Co. has announced it achieved a Class A fire rating for its LL1 and LL4 Linear Line architectural panels and a Class B on the entire Reveal, Sound, Linear Sound and other Linear Collection panels, according to company president Angus Stocks.

“Each panel is treated with a proprietary process that maintains the natural beauty of the bamboo. We have been working toward this day for years,” Stocks said.

The LL1 and LL4 designs are part of the Linear Collection, which offers a commercial or custom residential interior the depth and movement of a hand-loomed fabric or woven textile in a hard surface panel product.

In addition to a Class A rating on LL1 and LL4, the entire Reveal Collection, Sound Collection, Linear Sound Collection and Deco and Woven palm paneling products received a Class B rating. “Our entire line of wall and ceiling panel products now addresses a crucial aspect of an architectural specification, especially for commercial and institutional installations,” Stocks said.

All noted products are offered in 100-percent FSC-Certified bamboo and receive the ULEF (ultra low emitting formaldehyde) rating. Sheet sizes are ¾-inch x 4-foot x 8-foot or 4-foot x 10-foot and available unfinished or prefinished in Amber or Natural colors. Panels are designed in San Francisco and fabricated in the USA from domestic and foreign components.

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