Software Assists with Eco-friendly Designs

GRAPHISOFT, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) architectural software developer, has announced the launch of EcoDesigner STAR, the first software that places standard-compliant energy analysis in the heart of the architect’s familiar BIM work environment. EcoDesigner STAR enables architects to design the most energy-efficient buildings, by themselves or working together with engineers or specialist consultants.

Partnering with StruSoft three years ago, the single mission was to revolutionize how sustainable design is carried out in the Building Information Modeling environment. The result of their cooperation was the realization that while “energy” continues to be primarily a concern for engineers, the most important decisions influencing the energy performance of the completed building are made by the architect.

EcoDesigner STAR enables architects to use ArchiCAD’s building information model (BIM) right out of the box as a building energy model (BEM), resulting in the design of highly energy-efficient buildings. Furthermore, EcoDesigner STAR offers standard-compliant energy analysis on the BEM and produces a detailed building energy performance report, all within the familiar ArchiCAD design environment.

EcoDesigner STAR for ArchiCAD 17 offers:

    · BIM Geometry and Thermal Property Data Export

    · Thermal Bridge Simulation

    · Expert Building Systems Settings

    · On-Site Renewables

    · Building Energy Simulation Using Standard-Compliant Analysis Engine

    · Energy Performance of Thermal Blocks

    · Building Energy Performance Rating

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