Software Simplifies Energy Efficiency and Building Performance

Quality Attributes Software has released the newest version of the IntelliFace system, which is an integrated energy information management platform that simplifies the complexity of energy efficiency and building performance, providing energy savings of up to 20 to 30 percent. The application can be customized to meet the needs of any type of facility and can be easily modified to adapt to changing requirements set by an executive or facilities manager. This new enhanced version of IntelliFace leaves behind the old industry concept of building operating systems.

IntelliFace seamlessly interfaces with the most complex building systems by using cutting-edge analytic technology that corrects and organizes energy data into an application-ready format. This allows customers to accurately assess performance, identify deviations and improve the operational effectiveness of their buildings. This technology also makes it possible for older buildings to achieve optimal energy savings.

The primary components of this system include advanced analytics to proactively manage energy information to perform any type of statistical analysis on the data; an intelligent, highly flexible platform that adapts to any building configuration and system in order to efficiently retrieve, manage and organize the data; complex energy modeling; an extensive array of applications to examine the data in detail from any perspective; and dashboards with state-of-the-art visualization in colorful, easy-to-read formats for meaningful analysis designed to motivate behavioral change.

Other features of the application include advanced charting, ad-hoc reporting, universal messaging, adaptive database technology, a world class foundations engine, alerts for outages, high interface flexibility, innovative dashboard technology and a high capacity multi-site ability to process millions of data points in real-time.

QAS, (Quality Attributes Software), a facility data management company specializing in energy management and sustainability, is dedicated to helping its customers significantly reduce building energy costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions. QAS delivers products and services that empower building stakeholders to take an active part in both creating and maintaining sustainable buildings.

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