SolarWindow Technologies Enters Agreement for Fabrication of Products

SolarWindow Technologies Inc. announced that the company has entered into an agreement for the fabrication of SolarWindow products with suburban Los Angeles-based Triview Glass Industries LLC.

The prospect of generating electricity on commercial buildings, which consume nearly 40 percent of all electricity generated in the U.S., is made possible when transparent SolarWindow electricity-generating liquid coatings are applied to glass surfaces.

As the company’s select regional fabricator in North America, Triview Glass will work to fabricate specific SolarWindow electricity-generating glass products at a commercial scale by integrating SolarWindow technologies into its manufacturing processes.

Commercial buildings are ideal customers for electricity-generating windows, which could reduce electricity demand by 30 to 50 percent and provide a one-year financial payback, according to independently-validated engineering modeling for a 50-story building.

“I’m proud that we are the fabricator for this electricity-generating glass technology by SolarWindow,” states Mr. Alex Kastaniuk, president, CEO and founder of Triview Glass Industries LLC. “It’s rewarding to apply my 52 years of glass experience to the fabrication of this innovation.”

“We’ve long awaited the opportunity to integrate SolarWindow technologies into commercial scale production, and I believe that our agreement with Triview puts us on that path,” explains SolarWindow President and CEO, Mr. John A. Conklin.

Recently, the company achieved a fabrication step leading to today’s announcement. SolarWindow electricity-generating coatings were processed through the autoclave system for window glass lamination at Triview.

Layered with SolarWindow coatings, glass modules were subjected to the high heat and pressure of autoclave equipment located at Triview. Despite the harsh conditions, subsequent performance testing confirmed that SolarWindow modules continued to produce electricity, paving the way for this announcement and eventual deployment of the company’s electricity-generating glass products.

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