SONNEMAN-A Way of Light Opens Showroom at the New York Design Center

SONNEMANA Way of Light has announced the opening of its 7,000-square-foot showroom at the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. Its showroom in New York City is now open to the design community. 

Located on the second floor of the city’s destination for fine furnishings, the showroom serves as a gallery and project design space for a selection of the brand’s product offerings and capabilities. Supporting SONNEMAN’s goal of giving the design community the opportunity to engage and collaborate with the brand, it provides a solution-oriented space for co-creation and innovation.

“New York City has long been the center of the design industry, making it a clear choice for the latest manifestation of our growth,” says Robert Sonneman, executive chairman and chief creative officer at SONNEMANA Way of Light. “Committed to our extraordinarily bright future, we are continuing to build on our technology-driven design vision with the incredible team that powers our evolution.” 

Displaying an offering of scalable systems and decorative fixtures, the showroom features extensive collaborative space, including a hands-on Suspenders Lab where designers will be able to specify custom configurations alongside on-site SONNEMAN team members. The showroom also has two conference rooms and a dedicated project room for SONNEMAN to work directly with clients, as well as a sales office and food service for events. 

Of the collections on display, SONNEMANA Way of Light’s 2019 launch will be featured throughout the space. Intended to show both the depth and diversity of the brand’s latest introductions, the showroom serves as an informational hub for over 350 new additions to the Suspenders LED system and the options now available for newly introduced scalable Intervals. The showroom will also host a regular rotation of events and activations throughout the year, aimed at increasing and strengthening client relationships.

The New York City showroom is the second of the brand’s stand-alone spaces to open this year, underscoring SONNEMAN’s vision for growth and increased visibility within the architecture and design community. Coupled with the Dallas Market Center showroom and increased representation along the West Coast, SONNEMAN’s Manhattan presence affirms its commitment to expansion.

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