Space Reconfiguration Tool Features Kalwall Translucent Sandwich Panels, Wins Awards

Inspired by the movement of the amoeba cell, a design team from the MIT Media Lab in Boston, Mass., created the Amoeba Wall Dynamical Space Reconfiguration Tool for a constantly changing work environment.
Kalwall translucent sandwich panels were a feature of the design, giving the wall structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The combination of beauty and flexibility earned the project three awards, including a Golden A’ Design, at the A’ Design Award and Competition.
Amoeba Wall was honored with the Golden A’ Design Award for Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design, as well as two Silver A’ Design Awards for the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category, as well as the Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design category.
The wall was originally created for The Tomorrow’s Workplace 2016 design competition, challenging teams of designers to define how will offices enable workers to be the best they can be.
Honghao Deng, the lead designer of the MIT Media Lab project, praised Kalwall panels and the role they played in the design of the Amoeba Wall.
“The Kalwall daylighting panel is not only has light diffusion, but is also easy to deal with,” Deng says. “It’s lightweight and structurally sound.”
The transformable wall employs robotics technology to create a reconfigurable structure. The robotics and quality of Kalwall panels combine to create a piece of architecture that accommodates a range of activities in a small space.

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