SpecText Expands Water and Wastewater Specification Sections

During the past year, ARCOM has developed and expanded its SpecText master guide specifications, specifically its library of water and wastewater specification sections, to a level unprecedented in the subscription specification market. To date, the Water/Wastewater Utilities Library has 101 sections and the Water/Wastewater Equipment Library has 129 sections. The sections have increased 40 percent since the beginning of 2014.

New sections continue to be added, with 27 scheduled for release in July.

“In addition to the expansion of our municipal water and wastewater specifications, we of course haven’t forgotten the other divisions,” said David Furry, Director of SpecText. “We continue to update those sections with respect to technical content, latest reference standards, and consistent formatting/language.”

Newly issued sections include:

    402513 – Liquid Acids Piping
    402516 – Liquid Bases Piping
    434111 – Bolted Steel Tanks
    464134 – Vertical Turbine Flocculation Equipment
    466141 – Disc Cloth Filters
    4666XX – Open-Channel Ultraviolet Treatment Equipment (multiple sections)
    4666XX – Closed-Vessel Ultraviolet Treatment Equipment (multiple sections)
    467133 – Rotary Drum Thickening Equipment

SpecText, owned and published by ARCOM, is the only commercially available master guide specification system for water/wastewater projects. “These master guide specifications address a long-standing unmet need of engineers who design water and wastewater systems, which are a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure,” said Christopher Bushnell, ARCOM President and CEO. “Because they are fully researched, reference the latest standards, and are professionally written by ARCOM’s specification experts, these specifications provide engineers significant time savings in producing these types of projects.”

SpecText specification libraries work with ARCOM’s Masterworks productivity software for use with Microsoft Word. Masterworks tools include Project Wizard, New Specification Wizard, Format Wizard, global editing, formatting, extensive reports, and much more. The specification sections also connect to ARCOM’s SpecAgent resource, which provides engineers with the most current list of relevant manufacturers and product information and helps them more quickly and easily research products applicable to their projects.

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