Steelscape Releases Metal Coil Prints, Coatings, Solutions Brochure

Steelscape has released the “Design Solutions” brochure featuring its portfolio of metal coil prints, coatings, and custom solutions.

“Steelscape understands that inspiration for construction projects can come from many places,” says Scott Cooley, vice president of sales and customer service for Steelscape LLC. “The possibilities are endless. Architects are no longer limited by color or patterns. We have honed the art of combining colors, patterns and metal to help architects achieve their vision.”

The brochure highlights the finishes, including Vintage, Aged Metallic prints, Classic Brushed prints, Rustic prints, an NSF Certified DAZZLE antimicrobial coating, and a Graffiti Resistant Coating System.

“Design Solutions” metal coil prints have been used for metal roof and siding applications, as well as interior wall applications.

Visit here to download Steelscape’s Design Solutions brochure.

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