Sto Corp. Restructures Its Sales Organization

Sto Corp. has announced the complete restructuring of its sales organization to better address changing market realities. By overhauling the sales structure, Sto is looking to complement its product lineup with an equivalent level of service, specifically through enhancement and specialization in the resources and knowledge provided to customers throughout all stages of a project, from conception to construction.   

The structure is designed around a team approach which better utilizes its resources including regional sales managers, construction design managers, field services managers, and lead generation specialists supporting the primary project stakeholders. To develop this new structure, Sto Corp. is reassigning roles and responsibilities, and adding positions as needed. Additional training to accomplish the transition is already underway.

The revised sales organization structure allows Sto Corp. to be more directly engaged with all of the stakeholders on a project, providing them with access to specialized Sto representatives who can provide solutions and expertise tailored to their specific needs throughout the project cycle. “The roles of our sales personnel will shift from generalists to specialists,” explains Paul Bieber, vice president, sales, Sto Corp. “They’ll be able to provide a higher degree of individualized service.”

The goal is to have the right people in the right positions to respond quickly and effectively.  “These changes aren’t coming out of nowhere,” says Bieber. “We listened to our customers and responded. This is all about serving their needs and increasing the overall value that we deliver to the market.”

“As a company, we must adapt and reshape to meet evolving market needs,” states Jose Berlingeri, president and CEO, Sto Americas. “This restructuring positions Sto to provide the support required in the field within a structure that allows us to grow strategically, while remaining nimble enough to act quickly to respond to new challenges and opportunities.”

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