Structural Base and Interchangeable Fascia Panels Easily Create Vertical Hardscapes

U-Cara Planters designed with SureTrack backer blocks and fascia panels in two unique finishes.

Outdoor rooms and amenities are essential in today’s environments. This has presented the opportunity for existing residential and commercial buildings to enhance or create new exterior spaces. From roof decks to ground level patios, U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System has the ability to create striking architectural features that are only limited by your imagination.

A retaining wall system that allows for unique patterning, texture and color changes with extensive design flexibility was unheard of until Unilock introduced U-Cara. This two-component system, consisting of a structural base and a collection of interchangeable fascia panels excels in strength, ease of installation and design capabilities. It gives designers the ability to retrofit offices, campuses, condominiums or other commercial and residential buildings with new structural retaining walls or vertical hardscaping features that harmonize with existing architecture.

U-Cara Structural Wall: Designed with SureTrack backer blocks and smooth finish fascia panels to carve out usable space for a modern patio.

Structural retaining walls help level a site to carve out usable space that can be transformed into an outdoor amenity. The U-Cara SureTrack Backer Blocks create strong and dimensionally accurate, single- or double-sided walls, perfect for addressing grade changes on a site. SureTrack Backer Blocks are also ideal for creating fire pits, kitchens, planters, steps, seat walls, water features and more. U-Cara is also available as a wall mount system for cladding and in a modular system for easy installation of grill islands, counters and pillars, ideal for roof decks.

Upgraded amenities such as water or fire features, bar islands, outdoor kitchens and community garden planters add to property value and provide an elevated experience for visitors or residents. Explore the opportunities with your Unilock representative to find out how you can seamlessly integrate U-Cara into your exterior spaces.

U-Cara Grill Island designed with the modular system and fascia panels in two unique finishes.

For more information download the U-Cara Design & Construction Guide or connect with your local Unilock representative.

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