Surface Products are Made from Recycled Glass and Concrete

Beachstone Sustainable SurfacesBeachstone Sustainable Surfaces

Beachstone Sustainable Surfaces

Beachstone Sustainable Surfaces

After an extensive three-year R&D program, Beachstone Sustainable Surfaces has launched its introductory program, alerting North America to its incredibly “green” capabilities of producing custom or standard sized, recycled glass concrete surfacing products.

The firm has the capability to produce just about anything, including site furniture, contract tabletops and much more. Additionally, if a designer has an idea for a completely unique furniture/furnishing creation, it has the wherewithal to make it a reality in beautiful and sustainable materials offered in a myriad of colors and color/chip combinations.

In contrast to larger manufacturers of concrete cast products that require long lead times and relatively high quantities of products to be produced “per run,” Beachstone is able to produce practically any quantity from one to 1,000 in a fraction of the time it takes other firms.

Products are MADE-IN-USA from highly recycled content (85 percent by weight) which helps divert post-consumer glass and pre-consumer seashells from landfill deposits. Beachstone surfaces are good for the environment for many reasons, one being the firm avoids wasteful use of water in the polishing process (Beachstone product manufacturing uses less water per day than a normal household). The Beachstone facility is daylit and highly insulated, resulting in energy conservation.

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