Tablet Belt Clips Keeps Technology Close for Mobile Workers

Tablet belt clips keeps hands free and technology close.

Tablet belt clips keeps hands free and technology close.

RUNNUR has launched a line of hands-free tablet belt clips. RUNNUR’s clips are hip-mounted to either a person’s belt or to a separate tool belt, providing the user with access to their tablet at all times. OtterBox partnered with RUNNUR to offer these devices to its customer base. All RUNNUR products are made in Texas, with the company headquarters based in Austin, Texas.

With 105 million workers going mobile by the year 2020, and spending in enterprise technology up over the previous quarter, tablets are becoming mainstream for tens of millions of workers in fieldwork such as construction, oil and gas, and healthcare. However, companies are running into a problem; how to carry tablets while maintaining the productivity and efficiency these devices provide. Mobile workers cannot perform many of their usual tasks and carry a tablet at the same time. Since the value of mobility is based on a person’s ability to carry technology with them, how they carry that technology is a part of the equation.

RUNNUR’s line of products are available for purchase from OtterBox and the RUNNUR website.

  • Tablet Belt Clip– The Tablet Belt Clip allows the user to lock and carry any standard tablet on the hip, and then access it when needed.
  • Heavy Duty Tablet Belt – The Heavy Duty Tablet Belt is a combination of the Tablet Belt Clip with the addition of a belt. It is designed for heavy use, and can be worn for long periods of time. Comfort is the main feature with this product as it is made with a solid foam core and fits snuggly around the waist distributing the weight of the device.
  • Universal SlingMount– The Universal SlingMount turns any tablet case into an over-the-shoulder sling. The mounting plate is the same one used for the belt clip, making the whole system modular.


  • The Tablet Belt Clip allows users to carry a tablet on a belt like any other tool
  • Mounting plate is secured with VHB peel-and-bond adhesive [Tensile Strength 90 pounds per square inch]
  • Buckle mechanism locks tablet to hip when not in use
  • Release button allows instant access to tablet
  • Security cord [included] prevents dropping to avoid delays in repair
  • Reduces the probability of loss and theft
  • For jobs that require two hands by freeing up an additional hand that used to have to hold the tablet

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