TAMKO Building Products Introduces Envision Decking Contractor Program

In response to contractor input, TAMKO Building Products Inc. has announced its Envision Registered Contractor Program. The program includes benefits like Envision gear and marketing tools showing off Envision decking, while offering the potential to increase a contractor’s business through industry affiliation with both the Envision and TAMKO brands.

“Many of our clients view their deck or dock as an extension of their home, so it has to be beautiful, and Envision does that,” says Robin Lopez, owner of Summertime Deck and Dock in Florida, one of the first to join the Envision decking contractor program.

Contractors are encouraged to sign up for the program online at EnvisionDecking.com. There are two program levels to choose from, Registered or Gold Level, based on a contractor’s desired level of connection to and use of TAMKO composite decking products.

This is the first TAMKO program targeted toward decking contractors and is a continuation of its focus to support and promote Envision contractors.

TAMKO’s Senior Director of Decking, Brian Lowry, says, “The Envision 2018 marketing campaign is full of communication tools and methods to help contractors grow their business and the Envision Registered Contractor Program is one of those tools. Decking industry craftsmen across the U.S. were asking for a way to register their affiliations with the TAMKO Envision line of composite decking and now they have multiple options.”

Registration for the program is open now. Details on the Envision Registered Contractor Program benefits and requirements are available online.

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