Tankless Water Heater Delivers 6.6 Gallons per Minute

Noritz Eco-TOUGH NRC661 tankless water heaterNoritz Eco-TOUGH NRC661 tankless water heater

Noritz Eco-TOUGH NRC661 tankless water heater

Noritz Eco-TOUGH NRC661 tankless water heater

Featuring the same energy-saving condensing technology as the rest of the Noritz eco-TOUGH Series of gas-fired residential tankless water heaters, the NRC661 has an Energy Factor of 0.91 for natural gas and 0.93 for LP.

But the bigger news is that the market’s smallest condensing tankless water heater can deliver 6.6 gallons per minute with a maximum input of 120,000 BTU per hour (BTUh), using a 1/2-inch gas line up to 120 feet in length. A new, more accurate interpretation of the National Fuel Gas Code permits the use of the smaller-diameter gas piping for inputs up to 174,000 BTUh, as long as the water column pressure at the inlet of the unit is a minimum eight inches.

Major enhancements:

  • BUILT-IN DIGITAL DISPLAY: The NRC661 is the first Noritz unit to offer an integral digital display on the front of the unit to permit basic servicing without the need for a remote device. Located at the lower-right of the front panel, the small readout assists in the troubleshooting by indicating flow rates, temperature and common error codes.
  • LOW MINIMUM INPUT: The NCR661 offers a minimum gas input of only 15,000 BTUh. This is perfect for warm weather climates because it allows the unit to receive incoming water that is already warm.
  • ACCESSIBLE TECHNICAL DATA SHEET: To assist installers and service technicians, Noritz has located the NRC661’s Technical Data Sheet, showing all the error codes and their respective solutions, right inside the unit’s front cover.
  • INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY: Designed for two-bath residences in the warm-weather climates of the South and West, the NRC661 offers temperature settings from 100 to 140 F in indoor and outdoor units. For the indoor direct-vent model, condensing technology permits venting with installer-friendly, 3-inch PVC or CPVC pipe. The zero-clearance plastic piping enables longer vent runs—up to 62 linear feet—and therefore greater installation flexibility at a lower cost.

Like other models in the ecoTOUGH Series, the NRC661 protects the environment by heating water strictly on demand while offering a longer product life cycle. Carrying a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger and five years on all parts, the NRC661 promises lower emissions, reduced electrical consumption, smaller amounts of potentially hazardous construction materials, and easier recyclability of those materials and components once the product is removed from service.

The NRC661 is equipped with the advanced technology of the fully modulating, low-NOx Eco-Burner with a nitrogen-oxide emissions level of 20 parts per million that fully complies with the new South Coast Air Quality Management District regulations. The Eco-Burner delivers superior temperature control, eliminating the need for a buffer tank to stabilize the temperature. This, in turn, removes another potential source of standby heat loss, thus maintaining system efficiency.


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