Tarkett North America Provides Flooring and Funds for SeriousFun Children’s Network Camp

As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Tarkett North America announced its support for SeriousFun Children’s Network. Starting with North Star Reach, the SeriousFun Camp in Michigan, Tarkett will contribute a range of flooring products from its residential and commercial brands to outfit the entire camp. In addition, Tarkett will provide funds to the camp, which will enable 10 children with serious illnesses to attend free of charge.

North Star Reach will be a year-round facility based in Pinckney, Mich., that offers children with serious health challenges the opportunity to experience all of the fun, joy and independence of camp at no cost to their families. Designed by A3C Collaborative Architecture, the camp will feature a wide range of flooring from Tarkett North America brands. The flooring will not only contribute to the design and performance goals of the camp, but also offer campers healthier spaces and improved indoor air quality.

“North Star Reach is thrilled to be partnering with Tarkett to provide high-quality, durable and safe floor covering materials for our new universally-accessible camp, which will not only serve children with serious health challenges, but their families as well” said Doug Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer at North Star Reach. “With our camper population, we wanted to find flooring that was attractive, low maintenance and easy to keep clean, as well as flooring that contributes to good indoor air quality and healthy spaces through low VOCs. The CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly™ products in the Tarkett offering certainly fit the bill. Tarkett’s solutions will help us meet our needs in a variety of applications and help to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for the campers.”

Additionally Tarkett will provide a monetary contribution, which will present 10 children with the opportunity to experience camp. To help create awareness for SeriousFun and North Star Reach, Tarkett has planned several activities to engage consumers, the A&D community, retailers, distributors and employees to further participation and drive awareness for this very worthy cause.

“As a company, we work on both a global and local level to create and support initiatives that enhance the health, safety and well-being of people who work, live, play and heal on our floors,” said Cynthia Mansfield, Communications Manager for Tarkett North America. “Through their life-changing camps and programs, SeriousFun works to help children and their families reach beyond illness to discover joy, confidence and new possibilities. SeriousFun Children’s Network is very much in line with our core values and underscores our commitment to people, making the decision to sponsors this worthwhile organization an easy one.”

Developed to create positive, recreational experiences, SeriousFun’s camps and programs are purposefully designed to enhance coping and resilience; to foster independence and personal growth; and to help the children reach beyond the limits of their medical conditions. North Star Reach plans to accommodate more than 1,500 children and family members annually, all free of charge, when it opens its doors in 2015. The camp will feature a health center staffed by nurses, physicians and other medical professionals that will allow children with complex medical needs to come to camp, often for the first time.

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