Temporary Walls Can Manage the Flow of a Crowd

As travel begins to pick up again, airports internationally use Screenflex temporary walls as safety barriers throughout their facilities to accommodate the extra foot traffic. The beginning of the pandemic brought forth many travel limitations to minimize contagion from spreading. While those considerations are still prevalent, other airport safety concerns continue to hold importance. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are helping people of the aviation industry make their facility run more safely and efficiently while the travel numbers increase. 

Screenflex portable partitions bend accordion-style to create a variety of shapes that fit any facility.

Every terminal needs physical barriers at the TSA checkpoints. The funnel design of TSA security letting only one person through the gates at a time requires barricades placed on the sides of the entrance for crowd control. Additionally, portable walls are excellent tools during maintenance times when escalators break down or other parts of the facility are being renovated. 

Screenflex portable partitions are a solution when used as safety barricades or for managing the flow of a crowd. These dividers bend accordion-style to create a variety of shapes that fit any facility. This feature also allows the partition to close compactly for storage when it is not needed and gives these airports the flexibility they require. The corner casters along the bottom of the end-frames also lock in place for extra sturdiness in high foot traffic areas.

By supplying movable and freestanding dividers to workers in an airport setting, Screenflex is contributing to the general safety of the travel industry as it returns to normal from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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