Textile Is Stain-resistant and Cleanable with Bleach

Prioritizing material innovation, sustainability, cleanability, and stain-resistant technology, Supreen marries cutting-edge woven and coated technology with a proprietary silicone blend to create a complete liquid-barrier textile, reactively repelling liquids and preventing future stains—all without compromising softness, upholstery capability, or the environment. Combining this groundbreaking stain resistance with bleach cleanability and impressive breathability, Supreen exceeds industry standards when it comes to cleanliness, durability, and aesthetics.

Supreen marries cutting-edge woven and coated technology with a proprietary silicone blend to create a complete liquid-barrier textile.


  • It’s completely liquid-proof. Supreen’s liquid-proof barrier technology makes it impenetrable, protecting it from stains, spills, food, microbes, mildew, and more.
  • It’s the sustainable solution. Unlike most other liquid-proof and stain resistant fabrics, Supreen is free of PFAS, making it sustainable and safer for humans and the environment. Supreen is also HHI (Healthy Hospitals Initiative) and Prop 65 compliant.
  • It’s strong. Really strong. Supreen has been tested to 100,000 double rubs, meaning long-lasting performance is guaranteed. Supreen won’t pill or wear out at the seams and it stays resistant to food and drink over time.
  • It’s incredibly soft. Supreen doesn’t sacrifice comfort and style for strength. It has an exceptionally soft hand and comes in a variety of luxe textures and colors to choose from. It’s soft enough for the home, yet tough enough to take on the high-traffic spaces.
  • It can be cleaned with bleach. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more hygienic, Supreen is designed to resist repeated cleaning or disinfection with bleach, alcohol, and a host of other commercial cleaners. Supreen is named after an amalgamation of the words “supple,” for its surprisingly soft hand, and “preen,” referencing the preening of an aquatic bird, keeping its plumage waterproof and tidy. Embodying comfort, beauty and innovation is key to Supreen’s ethos and process. Breaking new ground, Supreen is thoughtfully crafted utilizing a multi-step proprietary, patented process that ionically removes over 99 percent of all contaminants to create a new, innovative material that is virtually impermeable to any liquid. Supreen was also recently selected for the Material ConneXion Library—the world’s largest subscription-based library of innovative and sustainable materials. Dive deeper into the revolutionary properties and the making of Supreen by visiting the website and watching this video.

Supreen is exclusively sold through a handful of leading fabric distributors including Anzea Textiles (division of Stinson), Arc|Com, Burch Fabrics, Carnegie Fabrics, CF Stinson, Coral Inc., Designtex, Fabricut Contract, Justin David Textiles, KB Contract, KnollTextiles, Kravet, Mayer Fabrics, Paul Brayton Designs, Reliatex, Samelson-Chatelane, United Fabrics, Woeller, and Wolf Gordon Inc.

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