The Armstrong Global Sustainability Initiative Helps Customers Reach Energy Savings Milestones

As part of its global sustainability initiative, Armstrong Fluid Technology announced that it has helped customers worldwide save more than one billion kilowatt-hours of electricity with an estimated value of over $100 million since 2007. These energy savings avoided nearly 350 tons of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to taking 75,000 cars off the road for one year.

Armstrong began projecting its customers’ energy savings 10 years ago, as part of a company-wide commitment to sustainability.

According to the company, the technology at the core of its advances in building performance is Design Envelope, a demand-based intelligent control solution that models equipment and system behavior, monitors actual system conditions, and adjusts equipment operation to match system demand. Design Envelope technology enables green, flexible and cost-effective fluid-flow and HVAC systems, resulting in low installed costs and operating costs.

Planet Proposition Helps Armstrong Drive Sustainability Across the Organization

In early 2013, Armstrong unveiled its Planet Proposition, a plan to embed sustainability as a key metric for its manufacturing facilities around the world. This initiative has driven a number of sustainability projects that are helping Armstrong meet specific targets.

As part of the Planet Proposition initiative, Armstrong sites in Canada, U.S., China, India and the UK have committed to reducing their own electricity, gas and water consumption. This has resulted in company-wide reductions in the use of electricity (13 percent), natural gas (22 percent) and water (47 percent).

One particular success story involves the installation of a 250 kilowatt peak (kWp) solar PV system at the Armstrong factory in Manchester, UK. In 2016, the solar photovoltaic panels generated 193,230 kilowatt-hours of energy. Approximately 90 percent of this energy was used in the Manchester production facility and the remainder was exported to the electrical grid. In total, the factory generated 36 percent of its energy requirement through solar power.

Next Evolution Solutions Help Achieve Energy Savings Milestones

In conjunction with its sustainability milestones, Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced its next level of innovation in pumping solutions is already providing increased energy savings for customers worldwide.

The next evolution in pumping solutions consists of providing new integrated Armstrong controls with extended intelligence, wireless connectivity, Parallel Sensorless Pump Control and on-board web services. These advancements can help building managers realize energy savings of 80 percent or more compared to traditional HVAC solutions.
Design Envelope technology looks beyond energy savings to provide a comprehensive view of HVAC performance management.

The features that allow the line of Design Envelope pumps to provide these results include:

  • Extended Intelligence – an integrated Armstrong controller provides a range of functionality including on-board diagnostics, trending and alerts.
  • Real-time Connectivity – connectivity options include BACnet, BACnet IP, and Modbus. All pumps are delivered with both wireless and wired connectivity.
  • Advanced Controls – this set of capabilities transforms Design Envelope pumps from intelligent to self-aware, with a touchpad with guided processes and intuitive HMI, as well as access to real-time performance and pump conditions.
  • New Armstrong iECM motors – permanent magnet motors with integrated drives and controls deliver IE4 levels of energy efficiency (on select models), as well as low vibration levels.
  • Reduced weight and space provides for installation ease and reduced shipping and handling costs. For example, the 5hp motor and controller combined weigh just over 40 pounds as compared to 150 pounds

“Access to real-time data and trending, delivered by Design Envelope technology, supports a change from contributing to building performance to a role in which we are also managing and extending building performance,” Armstrong CEO Lex van der Weerd states.

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