Thermostats Communicate with Coil Units, Rooftop Units and Heat-Pump Units

KMC Controls' AppStat communicating thermostatsKMC Controls' AppStat communicating thermostats

KMC Controls' AppStat communicating thermostats

KMC Controls’ AppStat communicating thermostats

For those who need to easily and efficiently control fan coil units, rooftop units or heat-pump units, there’s an AppStat for that. “AppStat” refers to a new series of BACnet communicating thermostats from KMC Controls. Each model in the series combines a BACnet applications specific controller and sensor options into an attractive, space-mounted device.

AppStat is a cost-effective alternative for unitary control in commercial or institutional applications. It is equally suited to stand-alone environmental control or as part of an integrated BACnet control system.

The visual appeal of AppStat is accented by the overall design, a color LCD screen and soft-touch buttons. Through the screen and buttons, installers and users can completely configure the devices and access various menu options.

Various feature options are available for each of the included applications. Such features include modulating versus on/off operation of associated components, such as valves and fans, as well as control for components like economizers. Sensor options, beyond standard temperature sensing, include humidity and motion/occupancy.

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