Thin Brick Is Made of Real Clay

General Shale produces a broad range of real clay thin brick. Suitable for exterior and interior applications, General Shale Thin Brick adds character to any project, as well as performance in high-traffic commercial and retail spaces.

General Shale produces a broad range of real clay thin brick, suitable for exterior and interior applications.

General Shale Old Brick Originals Thin Brick gives designers and owners a simple way to add aesthetics and real value to renovation projects—from small-scale interior upgrades to large scale, multi-story precast or tilt-up panels. Our thin brick can be installed quickly, often without footings or ledges, and adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall and metal. This lightweight cladding is cost efficient in terms of overall materials and installation costs. And because it’s lightweight, General Shale Thin Brick can be installed on ceilings, floors, archways, stair risers and so much more.

Our Thin Brick selection includes the popular Old Brick Originals series, but any of our full-bed brick can be cut thin for custom orders. Our style range includes everything from solid color with straight edges to rustic colors with distressed edges. General Shale offers wide distribution across the U.S. and Canada.

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