Tjernlund Products Updates Free Resource CD

Tjernlund Products Inc., a manufacturer of problem-solving draft and ventilation products, has updated its Resource CD which is available free of charge. The CD contains thousands of pages of data, including literature, spec sheets, fan curves, install/service manuals, wiring diagrams, parts reference, product and application photos. Also included is side wall power venter selection software, product videos and a PowerPoint on all of our draft, combustion air and latest ventilation products.

The CD covers Tjernlund’s lines of Auto-Draft In-Line & Rooftop Inducers, Power Venters, Modulating Draft & Combustion Air Systems, Combustion Air In-Forcers, Duct Boosters, AireShare™ Transfer Fans, UnderAire Crawl Space Fans, XchangeR Reversible Basement Fans, Radon VAC Radon mitigation systems, Sure Dry Shower Drying Systems & Cool Breeze Garage Cooling Fan.

Resource CDs are available via the company’s website or by contacting Tjernlund at (800) 255-4208.

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