Touchless Towel Dispenser Boasts Jam-free Operation

Bradley Corp. introduces its electronic touchless roll towel dispenser. With reliable touch-free activation and jam-free operation, this new design completes the important step of drying in the handwashing process, while simplifying maintenance and lowering operational costs in washrooms.

Bradley Corp. introduces its electronic touchless roll towel dispenser.

Designed with sensing technology, the dispenser turns paper jams into an annoyance of the past. Patented LiDAR sensors, which use a combination of light and radar, optimize battery life and provide reliable activation in the industry eliminating false activations and starts and stops. The dispensers’ durability and reliability deliver long-lasting performance.

A fit for medium- to high-traffic areas, the towel dispenser is customizable to each facility’s application. Adjustable settings for sheet length, time delay, sensor range and dispensing mode control usage make maintenance easy and predictable while helping to control paper usage and costs.

Compatible with a variety of paper types—and no paper contract required—facilities are able to source paper that provides the best value for its facility. Paper installs quickly with no winding or special feeding required, and the built-in stub roll uses 100 percent of the paper for zero waste and drops in place in seconds.

Two surface-mounted models are available, including Model 2498 with ABS high-impact plastic cover and Model 2499 with a fingerprint-free 304 stainless-steel cover. Both models offer a manual push bar for backup dispensing, translucent sight window to monitor paper levels, vandal-resistant covers and are ADA compliant.

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