Trane and STULZ USA Announces OEM Supply Sales Agreement Relationship

Trane and STULZ USA are pleased to announce a strategic OEM supply sales agreement for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The agreement will help strengthen and expand both companies’ market positions in North America, with STULZ USA manufacturing a range of products for Trane as an OEM supplier, and Trane selling various STULZ-branded products.

Trane will gain access to STULZ USA’s full portfolio of Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) and Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC), along with split systems DX units for temperature control and dehumidification in indoor farming and grow environments.

“We are excited about our new collaboration with STULZ and the opportunity to help customers more effectively manage their unique needs and ever-evolving industry requirements,” says Holly Paeper, general manager, data center business, Trane. “As a holistic provider, from design stage to operation and ongoing service, Trane helps customers ensure their data center facilities are highly reliable, efficient and sustainable, while achieving the ultimate goal: maximum uptime.”

“We believe this new agreement will bring a strong synergy of technology and sales network to strengthen and expand our market position within our target markets in the North American region,” says Joerg Desler, president, STULZ USA. “The STULZ philosophy of providing ‘User Driven – Custom Designed – Purpose Built’ solutions, combined with Trane’s expertise in delivering holistic systems leads to unparalleled energy efficient solutions – significantly benefitting the data center customer.”

“The new agreement will augment our efforts in serving the growing needs of our customers, while our existing sales channel partners will continue to do business as STULZ Partner, within our target markets. In addition, this agreement complements our second US manufacturing location in Dayton, Tenn.,” states Desler.

This agreement is effective immediately.

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